Wilhelmsburger Hoflieferanten 

In 1995, two families, Bertl and Grassmann, from the Lower Austria's Mostviertel, founded Wilhelmsburger Hoflieranten. Today there are six families that produce high quality quark, yogurt and cheese from both the cow and the goat milk. 

Visiting a real farm is always an experience. Visiting a farm where tradition lives and dairy products have a very high quality, is a top experience. John Bertl, who represents the 6th generation of dairy farming family, has led us through his farm.

It all begins, of course, at the 5* Cow Hotel. Cow Hotel Standard means: exercise pen, Wellness brush, jogging pasture, chill-out area and local feed. The cows are free to move in the exercise pen up to jogging pasture.


Currently, there are about 50 cows in the yard of Bertl family, this would be not enough for the production. Thus, the milk is delivered from the other Hoflieranten families, but what is important - the milk from individual farms is not mixed in the tank. 

For the production of crumbly quark the milk comes first into the cheese factory, where it is heated and then cooled to 30 degrees. Then, the lactic acid bacteria come in, and it rests for 16 hours. Then it is re-heated to 45-50 degrees and left for 3-4 hours. The crumbly quark is ready, so here you are! Just after that the quark ist filled up by Petra.

"It has changed nothing in the production of crumbly quark on our farm. Our grandmother says that her mother made it in the same way ", - says Johannes.

Crumbly quark plays an important role in the Austrian cuisine, you remember, we have shared a recipe of Carinthian Reingalan?

On the farm there are also creamy quark and yogurt. In the production of creamy quark in the first stage (after heating and cooling) also rennet is added (rennet is a natural product from the calf stomach). So one get creamy quark and whey. Quark is then filled in and whey processed into a whey drink. Nothing is wasted in this farm!

There are four varieties of yoghurt - natural, cornel cherry, strawberry and apricot. Fruits and berries are provided by the regional farmer's families from Lower Austria.

"After years of development and the search for the best fruit from the region, we were finally convinced by the strawberries from Strohmaier family in Hafnerbach, apricot from the family Reisinger from the Wachau and cornel cherries from the Frank family from Heiligeneich", - Johannes is very proud about it.

The fruits are cooked and mixed with yogurt directly in the Hoflieferanten farm. Many types of fruit varieties were tested until they came to the right. The fruits are harvested only ripe fresh and thus the amount of sugar could be lowered to one third.

Packaging plays as important role as the content itself. The cups and lids are from the Austrian producer. The cups have a card "coat" and thus one can save 50% of plastic. What is no less important, the yogurt lid will soon be made from paper. Unlike aluminum paper lids are less energy-consuming in their production and that's significant for the environment.

For more than 100 years cheese is produced in this region, but at that time it was mostly quark. Today also soft cheeses and hard cheeses are produced on the farm. The daily fresh milk is delivered early in the morning in the dairy. A base for the cheese specialties is raw milk. Cheeses are also processed traditionally. For example, the Traisental Hofkas is made exclusively in a copper pot, through the unique taste is created.

Since 2016 there are also goat milk products at the farm - fresh soft cheese, spreads and hard cheeses. And in so many different varieties - natural, with herbs, pepper, chili, peppers and even red wine.

Particularly interesting are goat cheese roulades with cornel cherry jam and Traisental Hofkas with whiskey. A sensational taste!

In the farn of Bertl family there is also a cheese shop with all the products: from the school milk products to yoghurts, quark varieties and cheeses. Every Friday the mother of Johannes, Antonia Bertl, bake fresh woodstove farmhouse bread or nut bread on pre-order. His sister Bernadette welcomes you warmly in cheese shop.

On the farm there are various animals - cows, goats, alpacas, sheep and even a goose. A lot of fun for children who come to visit this farm. The Bertl family offers adventure days at the farm for school classes. The goal is to stimulate interest in the agricultural sector and to bring the children closer to the farm theme.

From the beginning Wilchelmsburger Hoflieranten have delivered their fresh farm products to the schools. Till today this school milk project has spread to 92 schools and kindergartens in the districts of St. Pölten and Lilienfeld, which are supplied daily with cool school milk beverages.

The Wilhelmsburger Hoflieferanten products can be bought not only in the farm, but also in various supermarkets and farm shops in Austria!

Wilhelmsburger Hoflieferanten are located at Pömmern 4, 3150 Wilhelmsburg

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