Chestnut salad with and dried plums

Time: 15 min
Category: Starters
Complexity: low


serves 4

10 thin slices of speck 
20 dried plums
100 g chestnuts, pre-cooked
1 tsp sugar
8 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp white wine vinegar 
4-6 tbsp balsamic vinegar
50 g rucola
50 g lamb's lettuce
25 g walnut, roughly chopped
salt, pepper


Divide each speck slice into two. Place a plum in a strip of bacon and fry for a short time. In the same pan caramelize chestnuts in 1 tsp of sugar.

For the dressing mix olive oil with white wine and balsamic vinegar as well as 2 tbsp of water. Salt and pepper.

Put rucola and lamb's lettuce on the plates, sprinkle with dressing. Serve the salad with plums, chestnuts and walnuts.