Time: 45 min
Category: Main dishes
Complexity: medium


serves 2

350 g potatoes
150 g quark
1 egg
150 g flour
1 tbsp butter
70 ml milk
100 ml cream
1 bunch of chives
salt, pepper


Cook and mash potatoes, then let them cool down.

Mix quark with eggs, flour and potatoes. Knead the smooth dough. If necessary add 10-15 g more flour. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Roll our a sausage of about 1.5 cm diameter, then cut into pieces 2-3 cm in length. Pin each with two fingers on the sides.

In a pan melt butter and fry paunzen. In a small saucepan heat cream and milk, pour potato paunten and season with chopped chives. Hold on the fire stirring well, but do not let it boil.