Rice Trauttmansdorff

Time: more than 1 hour
Category: Desserts
Complexity: medium


serves 4

500 ml milk
1 vanilla bean
50 g sugar
100 g short-grain rice
4 gelatine leaves (ca. 6,67 g)
50 g raisins, soaked in rum or liqueur
10 ml Grand Marnier liqueur
150 ml cream
zest of 1 orange

Berry sauce and fresh berries to garnish


Scrape out the vanilla pod and add to the milk together with the orange zest and sugar. Bring to boil, cover with cling film and let rest for about 15 minutes.

Remove spices from the milk and bring to boil again. Add the rice and cook gently over a low heat until soft. Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water and chop the raisins (taken out of the rum/liqueur and squeezed out). Stir squeezed gelatin leaves under the hot rice, add raisins and Grand Marnier.

Whip cream until stiff and stir into the slightly cooled rice mass. Fill the rice pudding in the molds and refrigerate.

Briefly dip the molds in hot water and tumble onto the plates. Serve with any berry sauce and fresh berries.