Time: 45 min
Category: Starters
Complexity: low


serves 4

250 g buckwheat flour
50 g wheat flour
250-300 ml mineral water (fizzy)
150 g young cheese, Valtellina Casera DOP
dash of grappa

deep-frying oil


Mix buckwheat flour with wheat flour, season with a dash of grappa and mineral water to a smooth dough.

Debark cheese and cut into even cubes (1.5x1.5 cm). Place the cheese cubes in the dough and leave to rest for 15 minutes.

Then remove with the help of a spoon and bake in hot oil. Drain on kitchen paper.

It can be served with green salad.

Sciatt are of the most popular dishes of the Valtellina cuisine (Lombardy, Italy). In the local Valtellina dialect "sciatt" means "rospo" (toad), because they are looking not really nice.