On 11th of November in Austria it is celebrated the day of Saint Martin. Already at the end of October the Austrians are starting to prepare themselves for this celebration - a family dinner at the restaurant is obligatory until 11 November. Goose soup, dumplings with goose meat or roasted goose with chestnuts and red cabbage. It is better to book place in the restaurant in advance, but it is also important not to be mistaken with the restaurant choice!


A short walk with the views of Vienna (to choose from two districts of Vienna, depending on the preferences of the group) with a story about why St. Martin's Day, why people began to celebrate it in Austria. And what becomes from the Sturm or rather Staubiger on November 11th!

Dinner at the restaurant in Vienna with the best goose menu.

Tours can also be held in Lower Austria and Burgenland. Price on request.

Price: 75 EUR per person

Price includes transfer, as well as dinner in the restaurant (starter or soup, main dish as well as one drink)

Language: English, German or Russian
The tour can take place every day from the 1. to 15. November

Concerning the organization of the tour for a larger group of people (starting from 5 persons), please contact us at alpenkoch@outlook.com




Celebration of Saint Martin's Day in Vienna