Discover the gastronomic heart of Austria - Vienna. This city will surprise you at least by the fact that within its boarders you will find endless vineyards and its imperial cuisine, which carries culinary traditions of some neighboring countries, was named by Austrian capital itself!

Variety of Viennese cuisine is also unlikely to make you feel indifferent - here there are traditional coffee houses with a wide choice of patisserie (and not only that) as well as family bakeries with a large assortment. There are also gourmet restaurants, which in popularity are almost inferior to the wine taverns where one can simply enjoy homemade wine with farmhouse bread served with spread, sausage or cheese.

In one day it is difficult to get to know the Viennese cuisine, but it will be enough to get a broad idea about it. During our short culinary journey we will tell you not only about its development from an unknown to an exemplary cuisine of the Habsburg Monarchy, but also why Viennese should not be equated with Austrian cuisine.

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Culinary Vienna in one day