Austria - a small European country with a rich variety of different kinds of game. Here one can find a lot of wild animals in the east there are hares, pheasants, deer, wild boars, wild ducks, in the west - the chamois and ibex. Game meat refers to one of the healthiest types of meat. In recent years, in Austria it became popular to grow game as a domestic animals.


Among all the federal states Lower Austria hunters are in special honor. We'll just go there to get acquainted with one of the hunters, who is now engaged in breeding of game. He will share his hunting tales and experiences (over 10 years of hunting). You will also ride on the tractor and feed the deer with apples!

After that you will get dinner, cooked by the hunter, because no one else is better in cooking game!

Here you can buy sausages and other products of different kinds of game.

Price: 75 EUR per person

Price includes transfer, excursion as well as dinner (starter or soup, main dish as well as one drink)

Language: English, German or Russian
The tour can take place every day from Wednesday to Saturday in October and November

Concerning the organization of the tour for a larger group of people (starting from 5 persons), please contact us at




Game season in Lower Austria