No city in the world is so strongly associated with coffeehouses like Vienna. They have become part of its culinary history, changed the attitude of city residents to coffee, as well as famous made many Viennese sweets and cakes, including Sachertorte and Apple Strudel, world-famous.

Many important events of the country took place in the Viennese coffeehouses, each of which got visits from the great people of their time. Vienna's history can also be closely linked to the changes that took place in the coffeehouses.

During our 2-hour-tour you will get to know mostly all of the traditional coffeehouses of Vienna's 1st district. We will talk about the history of each of them and share interesting facts and tips, where what kind of coffee and cake is better to taste.

Price: 30 EUR per person
The price includes one of the three of traditional Viennese coffee and one of the three of strudel varieties of your choice

Language: English, German or Russian

Concerning the organization of the tour for a larger group of people (starting from 5 persons), please contact us at



History of Viennese coffeehouses