Carnuntum wine region is located in the east of Austria, near the border with Slovakia. Ever since the days of the celts in the area people were engaged in wine-making, and it reached its peak under the rule of the Romans. Heavy soil, climate with hot summers and cold winters as well as the proximity of Lake Neusiedl and the Danube provide excellent conditions for growing grapes.

Carnuntum is famous for its red wine from Blauer Zweigelt, which local winemakers sell under regional brand - Rubin Carnuntum. Also popular is white wine from Grüner Veltliner under the brand Primus Carnuntum. Manufacturers are proud of the historical past of the region, so there is the ancient gates Haydentor on the labels, once part of the magnificent buildings of the 4th century, the rest of the relic of the Roman Empire in the archaeological park Carnuntum.


Visit one of the wine cities of the region (walking tour through the vineyards, visit to the winemaker and tasting of local wines with a small snack). We will walk down the street of the wine cellars and enjoy wonderful views of the city with its numerous vineyards. ≈ 2-3 hours

Lunch or dinner (depending on the start time of the tour) will take place in another not less famous city of Carnuntum. Austrian cuisine (the cuisine of Vienna and Lower Austria) made from regional products served with Rubin Carnuntum or Primus Carnuntum. ≈ 2 hours

Price: 80 EUR per person

Price includes transder, excursion and degustation by the winemaker as well as lunch/dinner in the restaurant (main dish with a glass of wine)

Language: English, German or Russian
The tour can take place from Wednesday to Sunday in September or October

Concerning the organization of the tour for a larger group of people (starting from 5 persons), please contact us at




In the wine region Carnuntum (Lower Austria)