Vienna is the only capital in the world, where within its boarders the grapes are cultivated. At first glance it is difficult to imagine that in a tiny Vienna there are 700 hectares of vineyards. The most famous and traditional kind of wine is the Gemischter Satz - a white wine blended from different grape varieties.

Over time, one of the main attractions of Vienna began Viennese Heurigen, where typical meals are served with wine or Sturm. And all this with a view of the vineyards and Vienna itself!

In the city there are several areas known for its wine, so two wine tours to choose:

Road of wine cellars
length of the hiking route: 2,5 km
The route lies through one of the few remaining streets with wine cellars, which is considered the most beautiful in Vienna.

A visit to the production with wine tasting by one of Vienna's winemakers can be added to the tour. The price in this case will increase by 20 euros per person.

From the Danube to the vineyards
length of the hiking route: 1,5 km
The route starts near the Danube River and passes through the wine village, which is now part of Vienna. With stunning views over the city and vineyards, of course!

Price: 30 EUR per person
The price includes one glass of wine or Sturm and a starter of your choice!

Language: English, German or Russian
The tour can take place each Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September and October

Concerning the organization of the tour for a larger group of people (starting from 5 persons), please contact us at



Viennese wine and real Heurige